Beginner Camera Setups for Filming Skateboarding

Hey guys it’s Eric today I want to go over 3 beginner setups for filming skateboarding first the iPhone. The cool thing about the iPhone is it shoots 240 frames or 240 pictures per second which makes really cool slow motion I recommend getting a handle like the hotshot handle which will run you about $30 you can also get a fish are like the deadlands of the old click the deadlines is 35 in the all the clip is about 80 well I phones do shooting H. D. they don’t have the best image quality they have focus problems and the white balance or color is a little tricky but they’re a great place to get started if you already have an iPhone you can add a handle for long lines and the fisheye for only $65 next is the GoPro.

Beginner Camera Setups for Filming Skateboarding

GoPros are great for filming skateboarding because they have a really wide fisheye your GoPro will connect to your Android or iPhone so you can download the footage as you go well go pros look great outdoors they don’t do as well indoors and in low light, the GoPro camera I recommend for getting started is the hero 4 silver because it has an LCD so you can watch your footage as you go and it only cost about $330 for filming skateboarding I recommend some type of handle for stability such as the go works original pro handle or the microchip which will save your back from a lot of pain from bending over because you can get low angles with that attached to this for a go pro starter kit you’re looking at 330 for the camera and 60 for the handle and finally DSLR cameras are what I recommend if you’re getting a little more serious about the quality of your image. I use a canon 70 D. which costs about $1200 for the camera body only but a canon T. 5 I.

it will work just fine and costs about 400 to 550 when you buy a canon camera you can buy the camera body only or in the box they have what are called kit lenses that come with the camera and their starter lenses or less expensive lenses I’ll give you the run down a couple and tell you how to use them but you’re gonna have to buy your fish I separate 1 of the inexpensive ones you can get is the canon 50 millimeter or 18 you can’t film skateboarding with it but you can get that cool blurry or depth of field look and it only cost $100 another kit lens that you can get that you can film skateboarding with is the 18 to 135 telephoto lens you can use this to film long let’s just remember that you have to get a video tripod with a good long handle and these costs about $300 now for the fish I remember that the quality of your land is mostly determined by the glass that it’s made out of so it’s okay to get a use lands as long as it’s not damaged the less expensive option is the Vivitar 7 millimeter 35 it only cost $300 but is a great starter lance the lens that I recommend getting if you can afford it is the can in 8 to 15 it’ll run you about 1200 new or 900 to 1000 use if you’re on a budget and choosing between the more expensive camera or more expensive lens I would recommend getting a more expensive leads like the canon 8 to 15 with a less expensive camera like the canon T. 5 I.

The quality of your lens will make your video look a lot better and last let’s talk about accessories you’re gonna need something to stabilize your camera because it has a small body I recommend easy handle you can get it easy that’s easy with the Z. to hold your camera while you’re filming because the microphones inside canon cameras are essentially useless you’re going to need some type of external shock and Mike I recommend the road pro video shotgun might.


Which will cost you about $215 if you want to buy the best cameras for skateboard and in total the starter for an SLR camera kit will run you 400 for the canon T. 5 I. 300 for the 7 millimeter Vivitar fisheye 230 for the easy handle for stability and 215 for the microphone that’s 1145 total which is not bad considering most skateboard videos are made with the red camera that’ll run you about $30000 you’ll also need some accessories you’ll need memory cards and you’ll need batteries which I highly recommend getting cannon batteries for a canon camera or else you won’t be able to see your battery life indicator if you have any questions or comments leave them below and I’ll get back to you or if you have any recommendations on what you would suggest using for a starter kit leaves apple also for other people thanks.

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