ScubaPro GoPro Mask Mount Review

What’s up everybody is Joshua finding adventures and today we’re going to check out the scuba pro GoPro scuba mask now it’s a lot to say let’s see what’s in this package. Get some directions. Got a zip tie and the mask mount itself. Pretty self-explanatory this piece goes through here goes around your mask and then zip ties down on top of it the let’s check that out. These back pieces here line up on the sides of your mask and one thing to keep in mind is they will only work on a split window mask.

ScubaPro GoPro Mask Mount Review

I’ve got a 4 window panoramic Cressy scuba mask so this mount actually fits perfectly. Right in the middle where it needs to go to the zip tie needs to feed down inside the mask in between the river and the windows. Just like so. Income back around. One thing you want to keep in mind is you need to have the main that piece is that the zip tie axes it inside you want that facing backward so when you feed it through it catches the correct way.

Though the mount itself is gonna sit just like so inside the mountain you’ve got some little brackets that the zip tie feeds through just make sure that you’ve got to turn the right way before you feed the zip ties in. Feeds it try and want to get it to come around this corner so you’re gonna have to kind of been the zip tie just a little bit. Just to get it to feed the right way and make that tight corner if I can get it. All right there we go now we got it in and we can start bringing it around. Just slowly feed it through.

Hold it up against the mass. Okay, so now that we have it mounted we checked in a couple of times I like words that I’m gonna cut this little tailpiece when granted no clippers because my side cutting pliers wouldn’t get down inside here so we’re just gonna click that off. Make sure that it’s flush I don’t want any extra hanging off here it’s going to get snagged on anything or maybe ripped the wrapper. All right. Looks good.

The one thing that I can see that I don’t particularly like about this mount is in this little piece right here where you can see the light coming through but I think it’s gonna be okay maybe later on give me a black zip tie in will change it up a little bit all right guys been doing the video please like and subscribe if you really enjoy the video hit the notification button we’re gonna be close enough a lot more videos I’m gonna try to get all my new videos posted up on Tuesdays and get on the schedule and this weekend we are headed to the river we’re gonna finally do some treasure hunt in the river and hopefully we find some good stuff thanks for stopping by I’m Joshua finding adventures and have a great day. Visit here to know more about diving.

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